Allison A. Hanson is born in a small town located in Queensland, Autralia. It was at an early age, however, when she noticed that she liked tinkering with “complicated” things. Whilst she struggled to discover what she really was made to do when she grows up, she later discovered it to be the one thing that came of age along with her: programming. Of course, she discovered it later in her life when she was already studying at university, but her mind was now set for this, nonetheless.

However, she gained greater acclaim not because of passion for programming, but rather because of her zeal in communicating “hard” concepts to those who don’t understand coding at all. Specifically, this is where her blogging career really took off. It is because of her current gig that she became the poster lady for the Queensland startup scene, and she really was pushing for people not just of her generation, but even those older than her to become entrepreneurs by utilising the free technology that is now available to them.


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